White House Climate Data Initiative Addresses Climate Change Through Open Data

On March 19, 2014, the White House launched the Climate Data Initiative (CDI), part of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan launched in June 2013.  The Climate Action Plan is the Administration’s blueprint for domestic and international efforts to prepare for the impacts of climate change and reduce carbon emissions.  The CDI is meant to spur …

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Dear future NEON data users: Thanks for your input!

While we’ve released some preliminary data from newly constructed field sites, our data portal is a work in progress. We want to know what you, future users of NEON data, are looking for when you search for and download data. We’ve hired a usability firm here in Boulder near headquarters to help us systematically collect your feedback so we can use …

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In LiDAR magazine this month: remote sensing multi-tasking

The latest issue of LiDAR magazine features NEON’s remote sensing data collection program. In the magazine, three of our remote sensing scientists from the Airborne Observation Platform team describe the purpose and plans for our state-of-the-art suite of airborne imaging instruments. They also explain their recent jam-packed schedule. In addition to some flight time to …

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Citizen science or crowdsourcing? Yes!

Like most scientists and educators, I don’t just think or talk about my professional areas of interest between 8 and 5. My work creeps into my social life as well, even on my vacations. So, it’s no surprise that here I am, flying over the Upper Midwest on a late return flight from my cousin’s …

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Underground biomass: Getting to the root of it

Adorned with sweet, bright, orange safety vests and serious hardhats–excavation tools in hand–Jen Everhart, Julia Spencer and I are ready for sampling. Our mission: to travel around the nation collecting soil samples and sieving out roots in an attempt to characterize below ground biomass. Wearing capes. (We actually don’t wear capes, but I’m working on …

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After the flood

It could be any other normal day: get up, go to work, run errands, head home. Except that heading home right now means passing on the way a caravan of Hotshot trucks, fire trucks and ambulances, giant vehicles hauling tons of dirt and road material, power company vehicles and insurance survey vehicles, while avoiding road …

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Learning is a two-way street

Internship programs are all about learning – learning your discipline; learning about work environments and careers; about time management and teamwork; about yourself. I’m an educator so from my vantage point, interning is pretty high on my priority list. Maybe that’s why Stephanie Spetter, NEON’s Administrative Services Manager, stopped me in the hallway one day …

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A field day for interns

After spending about a month of our summer in cubicles, it was time for a field trip… literally. Sprawling cattle fields marked the landscape where I and the other NEON interns took a daytrip out to the Central Plains Experimental Range (CPER) to get a taste of the Great Plains in Northern Colorado. CPER is …

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Life in the Pits

Two Associate Scientists at NEON reflect upon finding themselves in a seven foot deep hole. Josh: As a meteorology student, I never thought too much about soil; my mind was focused on the atmosphere. Fast forward a few years and I’m continually finding myself seven feet below ground, surrounded by soil in a gravedigger’s masterpiece. …

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